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Caffeine free Keto coffee: a simple recipe

Looking for a caffeine free alternative to the very popular bulletproof coffee?
Look no further!

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keto diet caffeine free bulletproof coffee

This recipe was designed when I first wanted to start the keto diet, but did not want to start introducing caffeine (for a number of reasons) into my routine.

How to Start the Keto Diet✅

I didn’t drink coffee prior to keto and I challenged myself asking “why would I start?”.

I wondered what alternatives I could have, that would still give most of the benefits of the bulletproof coffee.

This is where our alternative was created.

What is the bulletproof coffee?

It is likely you already know what a bulletproof coffee is, but just in case you are still learning, here is our take.

A bulletproof coffee is a staple part of the keto diet.

It is very simple; a plain black coffee with fats added to it. Originally, the coffee would have grass-fed butter added or even ghee.

This butter contains many vitamins and essential fats that add a healthy boost to your daily coffee.

Now days, many people prefer to add MCT or Coconut oil (and sometimes, both) to their coffee, rather than the butter. If you are not familiar with MCT, it is medium chain triglyceride oil.

Or even try out this Coffee Booster

This special strand of oil acts quickly with the brain, fueling it super quickly.

Whichever fat is added, it doesn’t actually matter. The fact that you add fat is the key.

WHY? because this healthy fat is the fuel that the body needs when following the ketogentic diet.

Yes, you can fuel your body with healthy fats.

Most people will have this bulletproof coffee first thing in the morning and often say that it keeps them full until much later in the day.

It is the healthy fats that allow their body to feel full.

Bulletproof Coffee – What’s the deal?✅

So why have we made an alternative?

The main reason we have designed this bulletproof coffee alternative is because I know there are many people out there (myself included) that do not currently drink coffee.

So why would we start including it in our daily diet, if we don’t need to?

Caffeine is not something that I want to encourage my body to need or process.

The effects of caffeine on the body can be very detrimental, particularly if you are trying to gain health.

The impact that caffeine has on our bodies varies from person to person.

If you have any of these side effects, it would be worth reviewing your relationship with caffeine:

  • dehydration or thirst
  • anxiety and increase heart rate
  • shaking hands
  • unable to sleep / fatigue
  • digestive issues – laxative
  • feeling weak
  • can’t wait until your next coffee

As with everything, listen to your what your body is telling you.

So what alternatives to bulletproof coffee is there?

An obvious answer is to skip the coffee and just have breakfast. And for some people this will work really well. This does not however allow you to continue your fast from the night prior.

Another option is to find an alternative drink that still allows you to stay in fasting.
This is where we designed our Cinnamon Bullet.

It is a delicious fat filled drink that does not contain any caffeine.

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Cinnamon Bullet Recipe

And to top it all off…. Our favorite mugs!

And Travel Mugs:

The self stirring mugs are great because you wont get a mouthful of oil!

Keto diet: Alternative to the bulletproof coffee so that you can gain the benefits of fasting without adding caffeine to your keto diet. Ketosis made simple with this Keto Cinnamon Bullet Recipe. Free recipe here! #keto #ketosis

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