Earth Larder is here to make healthy meal planning easy!


+ Weekly suggested meal plans that fit in with your health goals

+ Shopping lists

+ An ability to swap out meals to suit your tastes

so many of us live our lives at top speed, trying to fit everything in, and our diets suffer!


Earth Larder has been set up to help you gain control over what you and your family are eating.

How it works


⇒ Before signing up, you choose what plan you would like to follow – Simply Keto or Healthy Balance

⇒ Then you choose if you want to pay for your plan monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

⇒ Once you are registered, you can log in and see this week’s suggested meal plan. We will email you each Friday with the following weeks plan. It is up to you to download or save the plan.

⇒ You can swap out any of the meals for other recipes that we have listed if you prefer, then you can generate your weekly shopping list, add whatever ingredients you need for the pantry, remove things you already have, then either download it, or email it to yourself so you can access it on your phone at the store.

⇒ Our meal plans include breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas, you can swap them around, or choose to use some of the lunch ideas for breakfasts if you prefer. We also provide some recipes for sides, desserts and appetizers if you want to add these to your personalized plan for the week.

⇒ Many people that use our Simply Keto plan are not hungry at breakfast, and choose only to eat 2 meals per day, and that is totally fine, you make it work for you!

How do I choose a plan?

Currently we have two plans to choose from:

Simply Keto

This plan is for people wanting to follow a ketogenic diet. There are many benefits to following a ketogenic diet, the most common use of it is to lose weight and then to maintain a healthy weight.

Dana who makes the sample plans is a Certified Ketogenic Living Coach, and natural wellness expert.

This diet is ideal for people trying to lose weight, or for athletes wanting to go to the next level.

Keto is also ideal for women with hormonal imbalances like Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or endometriosis. You can safely eat a keto diet while you are pregnant or breastfeeding (as always check with your healthcare provider.

A ketogenic diet typically is made up of less than 10% of your calories coming from carbohydrates, 20-30% from protein and the rest comes from healthy fats. For more information about keto, I suggest you read here.

Healthy Balance

Healthy balance has been designed with your fertility and optimal health in mind. It follows many of the keto principles, but goes out of its way to include specific fertility boosting additions.

Healthy balance is ideal for people of a healthy weight, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or for families with growing children.

This meal plan is a little more liberal with carbohydrates, though we do generally recommend avoiding sugar, sweeteners, and too much fruit, as well as limiting your consumption of breads, cereals and starchy foods (pasta, rice, potatoes etc). All of these foods your body converts immediately to sugar, and sugar raises insulin which in turn stores sugar as fat, and raises inflammation in your body. For more information about sugar read here.

About the founder

Hi I’m Dana For many years I’ve struggled with my weight, PCOS and infertility. 

I am a Certified Ketogenic Living Coach, and natural wellness expert, as well as a Registered Nurse, with post grad training in mothers and babies.

I have tried almost every diet and way of eating under the sun. I have learned a lot, and read more than you would believe about diets, food and infertility.

Finally, I have found keto and my life has changed! I am no longer hungry, my hormones are regulating and my weight is sorting itself out for the first time in my adult life. I feel free.

I am now the happy mother to 3 little monsters, I homeschool the elder two, and we live on a 10 acre property, trying to be as self sufficient as we can be.

I blog over at about homesteading and sustainable living, as well as at about all things infertility, pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding and babies. I am also part of the farmish collective where we support bloggers and online business owners with developing their business.

I set up Earth Larder to help others in my position. I figure if I am creating a healthy meal plan for my family every week, I may as well be sharing them with others!