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5 ways to avoid the Keto Flu

Looking for tips to avoid the keto flu or wondering what the symptoms of the keto flu are?
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The Keto Flu is the worst! If you can avoid it, you should. How to avoid the keto flu in these 5 easy steps. Solutions to the keto flu made simple with this beginners guide. Avoid Keto Flu now using these remedies! #keto #ketoflu

How do you avoid the Keto Flu?

There are many different ideas floating around about how to avoid the keto flu. To be honest, it is really difficult to avoid the keto flu!

When I first tried to start the keto diet, I got very ill and had to reset with some carbohydrates. This probably is a sign about how addicted to carbs I truly was! If you are in the same boat, please do not feel discouraged.

Pick yourself up and try again. You can do this, with these great tips to avoid the keto flu.

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tip 1: Drink lots of water

Honestly, you cannot under estimate the power of water. Water is so important to the healthy functioning of your body.

This is also true while starting the keto diet.

If you usually drink a fair bit of water, you will want to be doubling this during these first few days of keto as your body adjusts.

If you usually don’t really drink water, you are going to want to make a start!

It is important to take water with you wherever you go. I take fresh water in my Swell drink bottle that keeps my water cold all day long!

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tip 2: Add Electrolytes

My body went thirst crazy in the first week of starting the keto diet. I felt thirsty and I felt like I could never cure my thirst.

This is because I did not have enough electrolytes.

The first reason for this is that I had cut out all packaged and take outs. I had been eating these heavily and what I didn’t know is the amount of salt within these foods.

It really surprised me!

If you are wondering, check out the nutrition labels!

So when you switch to your own meals, you actually need to add quite a lot of salt to get up to your recommended daily intake.

A Great Tip: measure out your daily recommended amount each morning and put it on the bench in a small jar. As you cook, add from this jar throughout the day.

This will ensure you are getting your daily intake of salt. Please note that the quality of salt is really important. We would suggest trying Himalayan rock salt or pure sea salt.

Ways that I used to build up my electrolytes quickly when I started to feel sick:

  • Bone Broth: soup for the soul! This was an instant fix for me. I added a little more salt and sipped away at little bits throughout the day. There are many powerful nutrients in bone broth.
  • Avocado: Eat avocado to raise your potassium!
  • Nuts: Eat nuts to raise your magnesium (just watch your net carbs)

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tip 3: Start small – cut out sugar then carbs

There is no rush! Please do not feel that you need to get into ketosis straight away.

In fact, we would suggest taking a few days to fully research and understand the keto diet. Then, make preparations around how you will start and what meals you will create.

We have some fantastic Keto Friendly recipes in our Simply Keto Meal Plans (try us free!) 

Once you have a full understanding of why the keto diet can support you and how to make a start then you can begin.

Perhaps, if you have a sweet tooth, you should start by reducing then cutting out your sugar first.

Do not underestimate the addictive power of sugar! It is 8 times more addictive than cocaine! No wonder it is so hard to shake! 

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Once you feel you have got a good handle on sugar, then you can start reducing your carbs.

I would reduce part way, then full. For example, if your goal is to get to 20 net carbs a day, perhaps start at 40 net carbs, then reduce to 30, then 20.

This allows your body time to adjust to the change.
If you currently have over 500g carbs, you might like to consider reducing them a lot slower.

Cutting out sugar and carbohydrates is not easy. You need to know your ‘why’ and stick to it. Push through the cravings, it is worth it!

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tip 4: Get Plenty of Sleep!

Seems simple, but it is very important. You need to cut your body some slack.

You have now told it that it will no longer be receiving its main source of fuel so you cannot expect it to function in the same way. Perhaps pause your work outs for a week while your body adjusts.

I was super surprise (although I probably shouldn’t have been!) at how quickly I fell asleep at night once I had cut out sugar, especially soda!

If you are struggling to sleep, I would prompt you to cut out sugar and soda for a few days and see if it has an impact!

Allow yourself to get a full night’s sleep and catch breaks throughout your busy day to catch your breath and take in the moment.

Take in big breaths throughout the day to allow your body to relax and know that everything is okay.

tip 5: Eat Fat

Your body will go into a panic as you shut off its number one fuel source of sugar/carbs.

Your body can use two different fuels to function. It can use sugar or fat. Therefore, if you are cutting out your sugar intake (or reducing it), you will need to increase your fat intake.

This does not mean you go crazy on unhealthy fats. It is very important that you source your fat from very healthy fat sources.

We have a comprehensive guide to using healthy fats as fuel.

There are very natural ways you can add fat into your diet. For example, avocados, nuts, butter, lard. You can also create some very delicious ‘fat bombs’ that are basically a truffle like ‘treat’ that is fully of healthy fat.

The keto flu is real

Yes, the keto flu is real, just like addiction to sugar and carbohydrates are real. It is also very possible for you to push through this keto flu and get into ketosis. Your body is able to use fat as fuel.

Use these tips to avoid getting the keto flu and if you are already in keto flu quickly start working on these solutions.

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The Keto Flu is the worst! If you can avoid it, you should. How to avoid the keto flu in these 5 easy steps. Solutions to the keto flu made simple with this beginners guide. Avoid Keto Flu now using these remedies! #keto #ketoflu