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5 easy ways to know you are in ketosis

Wondering if you might be in Ketosis?
Use this beginners guide to understand the signs of ketosis.

how to know if you are in ketosis

What is ketosis?

If you have heard of the keto diet (if not click here), it is likely you have heard the word ketosis thrown around.

But you may be wondering what does ketosis actually mean and how do you achieve ketosis.

Okay, so the keto diet is a way of eating that requires you to eat very high amounts of quality fats, moderate protein, and very limited carbohydrates.

Clearly this is not how our culture usually eats, so there are changes that your body will go through as you enter into ketosis.

We think of ketosis in terms of three levels 

The first is when you begin the keto diet. This can be a very confusing time for your body and your body will react in certain ways.

Your body is so used to using carbohydrates and sugar as the main source of fuel.

So, when you suddenly cut this out (or limit it), your body will go into survival mode and this is when cravings set it.

You MUST push through this, and no, it’s not easy!

This is where the keto flu may set in.

The keto flu is similar to the normal flu. However, it is due to your body adjusting to the lack of sugar and carbohydrates rather than you ‘catching the flu’.

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Trust me, you are going to want to avoid it if you can!

The second level is the beginning ketosis, when your body begins to be fat adjusted.

This is when your body has gotten over the shock of cutting out it’s carbohydrate/ sugar fuel and it is now happy to start considering using the fat source you are now providing it.

This is the beginning of ketosis

You will want to keep your fluids up in this stage. I actually found I need to add extra electrolytes during this stage.

I felt incredibly thirsty despite drinking water constantly. Then I finally worked out it was the lack of salt in my diet that was causing my body to not be able to retain the water.

I quickly added both sea salt and Himalayan salt to my diet and I did start to feel better.

The third stage is when you are finally in ketosis.

As you move through the stages and into ketosis you will start to notice some of the benefits below, however it is not until you are in total ketosis that you totally reap the benefits.

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How does ketosis help me lose weight?

Yes, ketosis will help you lose weight. This is because you are training your body to use fat as its number one fuel source.

When you train your body to burn fat as its main fuel source, it will learn to burn your stored fat efficiently too. Who doesn’t want their body to be a fat burning machine!

How do I eat for Ketosis?

When following the keto diet you will want to use the 75/20/5 rule. 75% of your diet will be consumed as fat, 20% of your diet will be consumed as protein and 5% of your diet as carbohydrates.

This is the number one key to getting into ketosis. If you add too much protein or too many carbohydrates, you are unlikely to achieve ketosis. This is why the 75 / 20/ 5 rule works.

There are a huge range of very healthy keto recipes that you can choose from. You can also create your own!

The key is using healthy fats as the foundation of your meal then building on some protein and a little carbohydrate.

Most foods have carbohydrates naturally in them, so you will need to monitor this closely.
We have a huge range of recipes you can experience here

How do I know if I am in ketosis and How can I check my ketosis levels?

There are a few key ways that you can check if you are in ketosis.

Keto strips or keto sticks are one of these ways. Keto strips are a way of measuring the state of ketosis through our urine sample (similar to a pregnancy test method)

Within a minute you will be able to compare your stick to the visual diagram on the box to establish how far into ketosis you are.

These are a suggested option to use:
There are also breath analyzers available
The breath analyzers claim that they are effective due to the fact they measure current ketones in the body rather than the ‘left over’ ketones that are found in urine.

If you prefer this option rather than the urine option then find more information here.

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What are the signs of Ketosis?

Okay, so you want to find out if you are in ketosis. You have been eating well, you have been ignoring your cravings, and you want to know if your hard work has paid off.

Well these are the top 5 things we believe you should look out for to know you are in ketosis.

1. Appetite suppression – loss of appetite

This sign of ketosis took me by surprise. I have always been a big eater and if I missed meals, I got very grumpy!

However, I have noticed now that I eat a LOT less and if I skip a meal because I am not hungry, I don’t get angry anymore.

Why? This is because when you start eating keto based foods, the food is very high in fat.

Fat is extremely filling and is a slow burning fuel. This means that you eat less and your body burns it off over a long period.

Fat is similar to a candle where the flame will burn away slowly. Opposed to sugar and carbohydrates which burn very quickly, similar to a match. When we give our body slow burning fuels, it does not need to be feed fuel as often.

Intermittent Fasting

This is also where you can begin to introduce intermittent fasting.

Many people find that they are no longer waking up hungry, therefore they can hold off having breakfast until later in the day.

Pushing your first meal out extends the time between meals. This is called intermittent fasting. This is certainly something to build into as your body starts to adapt.

The important thing is to learn how to listen to your body and adapt with what works for you.

2. Bad breath

Yes. Bad Breath. This is a not so pleasant side effect, but it is certainly a great indication that you are in the middle of ketosis.

The bad bread smell is slightly different to “I’ve just woken up and haven’t brushed my teeth” smell. It is compared to apples which are starting to turn brown, or fruity.

This is your acetone exiting your body through your breath.

This is very normal when entering ketosis

Be sure to have some keto friendly mints on hand so you can keep your confidence. This breath is likely to become less bad, as you become even more deeper into ketosis.

3. Energy boost and clarity

I think this is the most amazing side effect of being in ketosis.

You have an inner energy which is partnered with a clarity of mind. You will feel like all that sugar filled brain fog has disappeared and you can think quickly.

This energy feeling is a fantastic motivator. If you ‘fall off the keto wagon’ you are most likely to want to reset your ketosis due to your lack of energy that you were once experiencing.

You will wake up and want to get out of bed! You will not have a 3pm slump in the middle of the day! You will have such clarity around your thinking and decision making will be simple.

Who doesn’t want this?!

This is a huge benefit to the keto diet… even worth the bad breath above!

4. Weight loss

Yes, I know that this is likely to be your number one reason for starting the keto diet.

And, yes! you will likely lose weight on the keto diet.

When you fuel your body with healthy fats, your body starts to use your own stored fat as fuel too, which in turn means you are losing weight.

Losing weight very easily and quickly!

Something interesting that I experienced is that I didn’t actually lose pounds on the scales for periods of time on the keto diet.

However, what I did experience was my clothes becoming very loose, my friends and family telling me I had lost weight.

I would seriously suggest that you take before photos and take all your measurements prior to starting the keto diet.

We humans love to measure our weight

While a male will jump on the scale and see that he has not lost weight that week and he will use this to motivate him to do ‘better next week’.

A female is likely to look at that number that hasn’t changed (OR WORSE, INCREASED!) and get put off or even give up on the diet.

If you don’t take anything away but this, I’d be happy – The scale sometimes lies to you!

Do not measure your success in the scales. Measure your success in comments from others, loose clothing, and the way that you feel.

Another hint around quick weight loss is to moderate the amount of protein you are eating.

It is super important to track your meals and to monitor what you are eating, especially when you are first starting out and getting to know what your body needs / wants.

If you include too much protein in your diet while you are cutting out the carbohydrates, your body will start to use the protein as fuel.

This is a huge no-no.

The reason for this being, you do not want to train your body to use excess protein as fuel because it will start using your protein in your muscle mass.

What you do want to do is train your body to use healthy fats as its main fuel source. Please note, that you do need to eat protein.

If you stick to the 75-20-5 rule, you should be fine.

5. Change in toilet routine

Yes, this is something you may not want to read – hence why it is at the bottom of the page (no pun intended).

There are basically 3 things that may happen when you get into ketosis when it comes to the bathroom.

I find this information not overly helpful because you are likely to fall into one of these three.

The reason I have included it is because I want you know that it is normal when you enter ketosis to experience changes in the bathroom.

There are a couple of reasons why this happens but basically it is because your body is adapting and changing the way it functions.

Therefore, the ‘waste’ will change.

So here are the three things that are likely to happen:

1. You need to go to the toilet often and you have diarrhea
2. You hardly need to go to the toilet but you don’t have any issues when you do go
3. You cannot go to the bathroom and you have constipation

You may experience 1,2, or all 3. If you are worried around the amount of waste, or the lack of waste, it is REALLY important to seek medical advice

… even if you are embarrassed.

The REALLY good news: when you are heavily into ketosis your body will even out and you WILL become normal in the bathroom again.

However, you need to be prepared that your ‘normal’ may be different to your ‘normal’ prior to the keto diet.

This is because your ‘waste’ is coming from fat fuels rather than ‘sugar’ and ‘carbohydrates’.

Putting Ketosis all together

So, there are many ways to tell you are in ketosis, but our top things to look out for are:

1. Appetite suppression – loss of appetite
2. Bad breath
3. Energy boost and clarity
4. Weight loss
5. Change in toilet routine

Of course there are other ways also, however these are what we feel are the most useful. Happy keto-ing!

Keto Guide: are you beginning the keto diet and wondering if you are entering into ketosis? This simple guide will help you understand if you are entering ketosis in week 1 of the keto diet. Ketosis made simple. #keto #ketosis #ketodiet

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