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KETO COCKTAILS: 12 low carb cocktails that are keto friendly

When on the keto diet, you don’t want to lose your social life. Using keto friendly cocktails are a low carb option of still being able to socialize without kicking yourself totally out of ketosis.
Look no further!

Keto Cocktails that are low carb and will not kick you out of ketosis! Enjoy these alcoholic keto cocktails while socializing with your friends. Simple to make at home or order over the bar while you are out. #keto #ketococktail

What is the Keto Diet?

The keto diet is a fat fueled way of eating. By eating 70% healthy fats, 20% protein, and 5% carbohydrates you are able to switch into ketosis.

Ketosis is when your body relies on fat for fuel. This is a proven way to lose weight and heal the body back to health.

How to Start the Keto Diet✅

What effect does alcohol have on the keto diet?

Yes, of course alcohol effects your body whether you are in ketosis or not. There are mixed reviews on whether you should or should not consume alcohol while on the keto diet.

This certainly comes down to personal preference and what your body can process.

Alcohol is very heavy on the liver and other key organs. This means that of course it can have very negative impacts throughout your body.

With everything, moderation needs to be heavily considered. If you are truly unsure, we suggest you speak to your doctor to check out what you personally should or shouldn’t be consuming.

Are these cocktails recommended then?

To be honest, it has to be a balance and it has to be your personal choice. If you are wanting to do a pure, strict keto diet then perhaps you need to reflect if having a social drink is your best option.

If you are keen to be keto but not letting it affect your social life, then these keto friendly cocktails are a way around this.

The biggest question is, what feels right for you and your situation?

You may be comfortable having one cocktail and then sip away on iced water water. Or, you may want a few.

It is honestly your choice, listen to your body.

Cocktail Tools

Of course, if you want to enjoy a true cocktail, you need the right tools! Don’t you be drinking your beautifully shaken cocktail out of a mug!!

We love the look of these:

Lets start the keto cocktail countdown!

These are some of the best keto cocktails we have found with videos to show you exactly how to make them and the contents of them.

Thank you to those youtubers for sharing these with us!

1:The BEST Keto Margarita Recipe! { 3 Net Carbs } Strawberry KETO-RITA | Ashley Salvatori

This delicious strawberry keto-rita has two versions for you to make, one with and one without aspartame.

Aspartame is an artificial sweeter. With our more natural focus, we would suggest opting away from aspartame.

However, as above, this is your own personal choice!

Net Carbs: 3

2:Keto Cocktails: Pina Colada | How To Make Keto Pina Coladas

This creamy drink has keto written all over it!

They use Bai, which is a coconut flavored fruit drink. They use whipping cream, however coconut cream could be used if you are dairy free.

Net Carbs: 1

3:Keto Drinks: How to Make a Low Carb Mojito Cocktail

This uses flavored and unflavored sparkling water, experiment to see which you like best!

First you have the traditional mojito, then she moves onto a more keto based Black Berry Mojito.

Who doesn’t love a good blackberry?!

Both these recipes call for a sugar substitute. Are you brave enough to try it sugar free?

This cocktail involves a muddler, which is a tool used to squash the ingredients together.

A good muddler has a easy to hold handle and a good solid base to it. You can get a professional drink muddler for an incredibly good price… and you look like a pro!

Don’t forget your sprig of mint to top it off!

4: The Best Skinny Margarita Recipe | Keto Margarita | Low Carb Margarita (Sugar-Free!)

This margarita cocktail is a tequila and lime twist! Make sure to add your long ice to the glass. This adds a hint of flair compared to the traditional square cubes.

If you have access to fresh limes, then use them to flavor rather than brought packet juice.

You will need less of the fresh lime juice as it has a much deeper flavor to it when it is freshly squeezed.

You can add a couple of drops of edible essential oils into this drink to give it a really good lime punch.

Please ensure that the essence you use is food grade and you have done your homework around eating essential oils!

5: Keto Drinks: How to Make a Low Carb Daiquiri Cocktail

A strong alcoholic drink with a lime twist. This daiquiri is low carb and will certainly hit the spot!

This drink includes Keto Simple Syrup which is basically a natural sweetener in liquid form.

Be sure to measure!


Zombie Margarita! Say what?!

Great to get into the Halloween spirit without consuming a heck of a lot of candy!

The lime and cucumber keep this drink very fresh and lite. You will need a blender for this one, super easy!

When you are adding your food coloring, see if you can find a natural based dye.

7: Keto Diet: Super Creamy Eggnog

I mean, come on! If there is going to be a keto drink, surely it is the Super Creamy Eggnog!

We all know eggs and keto are a match made in heaven.

Take note on the way that the eggs are added. This ensures that you do not end up with scrambled eggs!!

8: How to Make a Vodka Mojito: Low Carb & Sugar-Free!

Another beautiful lime and mint flavored drink.

Fresh, summer drink to enjoy in the sun!

This is great how it breaks down the carbs at each stage, so if you have different ingredients you can take note and adjust.

Served in a nice tall glass makes it a great drink to make and take outside into the garden.

Net Carbs: 3

9: Keto Friendly Maple Old Fashioned

Super simple and super yummy! This is a great warming drink that can be enjoyed year round but certainly during Fall. Stevia used in this recipe.

Stivia is a natural sweetener that has no net carbs. It is much, much sweeter than usual sugars so you do not actually need as much as you may think!

10: Low Carb Bailey’s | Keto Bailey’s | Low Carb Baileys | Low Carb Bailey’s Irish Cream

If you love Baileys, but want less carbs so that it can fit into your keto diet.. then this may be the solution!

11: Low Carb Cocktails Long Island Iced Tea

A super strong drink, with a huge mix of alcohols – this is a great drink to sip away on with a cup full of ice.

12: Keto Drinks: How to Make a Low Carb (Strawberry) Pina Colada

A great comparison of ingredients from the original to the keto version is you are wondering why different ingredients work best on keto.

How to achieve Ketosis ✅

So which one?

Remember to choose wisely what you put into your body, and enjoy every bit!

Think carefully about different types of sweeteners and how they may be affecting your body beyond net carbs.

Keto Cocktails that are low carb and will not kick you out of ketosis! Enjoy these alcoholic keto cocktails while socializing with your friends. Simple to make at home or order over the bar while you are out. #keto #ketococktail

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