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10 keto supplies, tools for the busy keto kitchen

By having the right tools on hand, cooking can become a joy again! These are our 10 keto supplies for the busy keto kitchen!

Keto diet: There are many keto kitchen tools that can really support you while cooking in the keto kitchen! These keto tools will support you to prepare quick and easy keto meals. #keto #ketocooking

We all know how busy life can become. When it is busy, cooking for yourself and your family can become a daily chore, especially when times are busy! 

What is Keto?

By now, you are probably aware of what the Keto Diet is (and is not!).

If you want to read more about the Keto Diet feel free to check out our articles around how to start the keto diet and what to expect in the first week of keto

We also have some great tips about staying within your budget while still achieving Ketosis and how to use fats to lose weight fast.

In a nut shell, the Keto Diet is all about what you eat. You are likely to follow a 70% Fats, 20% Protein, and 5% Carbohydrates on a typical Keto Diet.

This can be very difficult when you first start out on the Keto Diet.

However, don’t let this put you off.

If you can set up your kitchen well, this can really help with your success with the diet. Not all these tools are necessary to everyone however, these are the tools that we use almost every day.

We hope that this list is helpful in your success in starting your keto journey!

citrus juicer

I absolutely LOVE this citrus juicer. There is something about the solid metal that takes me back to something my ancestors are likely to have used.

Now, you need to be aware that you will want to count your carbs when squeezing lemons and limes, but if you account for this you can use it to add big flavor to your meals.

You can get more traditional juicers, but this is certainly the one I love!

stick blender

We use our stick blender every, single, day!

It is such a versatile tool. I use it to whizz my scrabbled eggs or pancakes. I use it to whip my cream. It cuts all of my vegetables, which I love because it is super quick! Plus, I don’t cry over my onion!

It cuts all my vege to the same size for consistent cooking. Yesterday, I used it to grate my zucchini for my zucchini fritters.

If you don’t have a hand blender, I really recommend getting one as it saves me so much time in the preparation of meals.

I just got a fantastic stick blender for Christmas this year, that actually includes a food processor with it! I know right! Mind blown!



Before Keto, I had absolutely no idea what a spiralizer was!

A spiralizer is a quick and easy way to make your food into noodle like pieces. This can be a great replacement for grain based noodles (a no-no on the keto diet).

A favorite in our house is zucchini noodles and carrot noodles.

You can actually use it to make wider strips that are fantastic to add to salads.

To be honest, they are really fun to use! Your kids would love to watch these noodles be created and this really helps with getting them to eat the noodles too!


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chef knife

One thing I really hate is a blunt knife!

I was trying to slice a tomato the other day, and my knife couldn’t get through the skin! This is not ok!

A really good chef knife can be a huge asset in the kitchen.

Have you heard of a Santoku knife? This is a Japanese designed chef knife that is designed to allow the food to fall away from the knife.

This is fantastic when preparing many vegetable based meals (yes, the keto diet can have lots of vegetables in it!). Plus, who doesn’t love really straight match stick vegetables!!

We have a full article on some really good knives that can support you in the kitchen. It is a beginner’s guide that explains the purpose of some basic knives.


chopping board

When you are moving to cooking more in your kitchen, a sturdy chopping board is a must.

I have a thick bamboo one which I absolutely love working with.

We do have one plastic chopping board that we use to prepare raw fish and chicken. Beyond this, we really would recommend moving away from plastic based chopping boards and to look at a much more natural product.

We like using either wood or bamboo as these are both natural and unlikely to taint your food with nasties.


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meal freezing packs

Meal prepping is a very effective way to save time and money in the Keto Kitchen.

I find that cooking a little bit more and freezing it for a meal for another day. This is particularly helpful when I am running late home from work.

It is important to purchase freezing containers that allow a full seal around your food.

There is nothing worse than freezer burn when you are already starving!

You can freeze glass, just read the recommendations from the company on the packet to avoid any disappointment.


vegetable fridge organizer

Who doesn’t love a good organized fridge? When you can see your food, you are much more likely to use it.

By using fridge stackers or containers, you are able to organize your foods in ways that are very accessible.

I like to stack mine in meal items. For example, my smoothie ingredients are all in a stack ready for me to pull out when I am making Keto Smoothies.

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A blender is an absolute must for our kitchen. Honestly, I know that it might be pricy… but I love my NutriBullet.

You can actually get smaller ones that are a cheaper option, which might be good if you are trying to keto on a budget.

I have my nutribullet on my bench and I use it every-single-day! I use it for smoothies which is an obvious use… But I also use it for sauces.

Because the nutribullet turns the ingredients into liquid you can actually HIDE a lot of healthy foods inside a sauce and the family will be none the wiser!

I also use this to create smooth, creamy sauces. My nutribullet allows for creating soups and actually cooks it as you blitz it, which is pretty amazing and saves a lot of time! (function not on all nutribullets).

If you’re not keen on a nutribullet, there are other options that will blitz your food but unlikely to the liquid extend of the nutribullet.

wooden spoons

I know this might seem like a very ‘small’ item however, if you can get some really nice wooden spoons it is worth it!

Because they are wooden you can be rest assured that they are not leaking nasties into your food. You can also clean them very easily.

glass storage containers

We are very ‘pro’ anything that doesn’t require you using more plastic-wrap. Once this plastic wrap is made, it cannot break down or go away.

Finding alternatives is a fantastic idea for you earth as well as your pocket. By using re-usable containers, you don’t have to pay for new wrap each week.

We use glass storage containers where ever possible. We store our pantry items, fridge items, and frozen items in glass.

Glass is a natural product.

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Wrap up for Keto Supplies

These are our top 10 keto supplies, tools for the busy keto kitchen. We hope that you have found them useful to setting up your Keto Kitchen!

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Keto diet: There are many keto kitchen tools that can really support you while cooking in the keto kitchen! These keto tools will support you to prepare quick and easy keto meals. #keto #ketocooking